Nu Mercury Recycling, LLC not only buys and sells a variety of plastics, but also processes these commodities at our facility in New Jersey. Nu Mercury Recycling, LLC has invested both time and money to insure our services are held to the highest industry standards.

Our customer base ranges from clients looking for our injection molding services to local and international manufacturers looking for polymer. Our diverse range of clients gives us the experiance to cater to any sized business in almost any industry. We are able to cater to even the smallest of manufacturers, distributors or businesses. At our facility, we have the ability to sort, shred and grind plastic material to the most demanding specifications of our customers web.

Dust Control
Before the finished regrind product is packaged in the final shipping container, it enters through a series of cyclones and high quality filters that carry dust, fines and small contaminants away from the finished product line. This multi-step process ensures that the dust level is kept to minimum in the plant as well as at the shipping destination

Services for your laptops and desktop.we make house calls.
Edwin Week: 908-251-8442

Our Services:

Toll Grinding: PET, PP, LDPE, HDPE, PS, and other plastics.We offer very competitive prices to our customers.
For service contact us @ call (732) 447-7770


At Nu Mercury Recycling, LLC, all recycling products are transported through trucks to our facilities. Once arriving at our plant, we grind all plastic commodities into flakes to make everything easier to recycle again to help clean & the environment..

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With our past 10 Years of trading & exporting experience we are able to give you very good service of trading of any kind of farrous and non farrous scrape to any place in the world.

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We Trade with all types of paper commodities cardboard, white ledger,office mix, News prints. we offer PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP call us : (732) 447-7770

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